The care and development of our little ones is priority at Wiley Church. Some points of interest we’d like you to know:

  • We provide two separate nurseries. The Newborn/Nursing Mothers Room and Our Toddlers Room. 
  • The Newborn/Nursing Mothers Room has live service television for your convenience.
  • Every nursery worker has been through training and is First Aid/CPR Certified.
  • Every Child must be checked in/checked out. We will ask your cell number to text if your child needs attention. If no response, one of our team members will get you from service (if necessary). 
  • We will not release any child without proper authorization. 
  • Each nursery is disinfected and sanitized after each service.
  • There is a well child policy. Children are not allowed to be in the nursery unless they have been fever free for 48 hours and are showing no visible signs of sickness (sinuses, etc.)
  • If your child can walk, they are eligible for the toddler nursery. The toddler nursery provides a time of play, a time of snacks, a time for songs, a time for lesson and a positive environment to tell them about Jesus on their level.
  • If your child is crying for over two minutes, we will come get you to make sure their specific needs are getting met. 
  • Our goal is they will love the nursery experience so much, they will be asking to go there!